Trapped on Spaceship Earth

better to die anywhere but here—

trapped in Spaceship Earth’s ancient history,

scenes of antiquity re-enacted by mannequins 

animated by buzzing gears, hidden speakers—

our cart (or spaceship, whatever you want to call it)

freezes constantly—first at the Ice Age, then at the Egyptians

pounding papyrus, now a third time

at the sweet, smoky aroma of the Alexandrian Library

burning to ashes of lost history

it’s terrible to imagine

our ride could end here, forever,

and I and five others in this

late-night Epcot crowd could starve to death

or miss our medications because of this,

Disney World’s most underwhelming attraction— 

this time-traveling spaceship, 

the geodesic nightmare

we’re forced to endure

sooner or later, if we continue wading

through denial, we won’t have a planet—

no hope of restarting the engines

or reviving the animatronics


if the Alexandrian Library had been rigged 

with speakers reading aloud each ancient scroll, each truth

the emperors ignored—would the people have listened?

our spaceship jolts to life again

where have you gone, Alexandria?

wherefore art thou, forgotten Ice Age?

Daisy F.O. (not her real name) is an independent filmmaker who got into writing last year. Her work has appeared in Jokes Review and Warp 10 Lit and she likes to eat her Lucky Charms with ice cubes. She doesn’t use social media anymore, so don’t bother trying to uncover her true identity.


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