Nic Cage as Angel

Nic climbs into his Tesla and tears L.A.’s asphalt to black rubble as he drives to the nearest Chick-fil-A. As usual, his wait time is negligible. The cashier tells him, in a strained yet friendly tone, “It was my pleasure serving you, little man,” as she hands him his food. As he consumes his chicken sandwich and waffle fries in the parking lot, meditating on this City of Angels he calls home, Nic realizes he’s never been happier in his half-century of life. This car, this sandwich, this country, this world—it’s all (fundamentally, inevitably) his. Tomorrow he shall earn his wings.

The Secret Martian is the alias of a high school chemistry and physics teacher who currently resides in Sante Fe. When not at work, he splits his time between coaching his daughter’s soccer team and writing.


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