A Modest Solution

To: the world

From: me

Subject: I have solved it!

It really needn’t have taken so long. I am grateful for the shoulders on which I stand.

The idea occurred to me after the latest round of global catastrophes had struck. I became weary in reading them. This weariness drove my engine of compassion.

I have now constructed the first two of what will hopefully become a series of worldwide “good”-enhancement devices. The first was created to settle the double issue of the Hurricane which threatened the state of Florida combined with the drought which struck interminably the state of California.

My solution was to build a massive, unfoldable canopy which would house itself upon slender telescopable legs: a polymer membrane of purposeful covering over the entirety of the Florida territory. The materials are patented and owned by me…and I give them freely to the world.

What remained then was to simply educate the Florida population that for the span and duration of the Hurricane they needed to duck while walking from place to place, thus leaving the membrane undisturbed. Florida people are agreeable and stately, and this did not present a problem. This harnessed covering then served as the water “collector”… agreeably pooling rain into manageable divots and further channeling the water toward it’s necessary destination: the West. The channeling was done through a series of similarly constructed polymer airborne channels, maintained and served by drone technology (all of which are owned by me and I freely give them to the world).

This system has been in place for a week now and has solved the problems that the former Hurricane (Bartholomew) caused and has prevented the approaching Hurricane (Christopher) from causing. California’s water needs have also been seen to. 

The second “good” device was microscopic: a genetically engineered unit of lake algae, 3 microns wide, designed to multiply. This was introduced into the Mediterranean last week after a dam had been constructed from Gibraltar to Morocco. Within three days the algae covered the sea’s surface, simultaneously desalinating it and rendering upon its watery surface a carbon-capturing fabric, strong enough to be walked upon yet flexible enough to part for the passage of ships. The fabric has two purposes: solving global warming and allowing the now-fresh water to irrigate the Sahara. I understand that there are countries south which could use the wheat.

And all of this is paid for with Bitcoin.

I have other ideas, too.


A Friend

Zary Fekete has worked as a teacher in Hungary, Moldova, Romania, China, and Cambodia. She currently lives and works as a writer in Minnesota. Some places she has been published are Goats Milk Mag, JMWW Journal, Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, and Zoetic Press. She enjoys reading, podcasts, and long, slow films. Twitter: @ZaryFekete


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