Two Poems from Zachary Huneycutt

Sonnet 17/Thunderbird

Deep in the desert, superstition thrives

Inscribed on totem poles in arid lands

And on men’s lips who in their daily lives

Notice structures built not by human hands.

Lizards with no eyes lie dead in their strives 

To taste false black water or hear the chants– 

Hard truths passed down behind cheap motel dives,

Swallowed by Navajo, lizards by ants.

Something in the atmosphere of dark drives

Them to bring to life before the fire’s death

The object of derision; among clives,

South of Moab, the subject of their breath:

“What left then took the metal obelisk?

…The thunderbird?  Maybe a flying disc?”

Dead Cow

I saw it driving down the road one day

Tipped over at an angle, snout kissing the dirt

And cloven hooves sticking out in midair

Pasted over the canvas in a way that seemed

Unnatural, frozen, separate from the

Chirping birds and shaking leaves of tree branches

Like it was too stiff to be real, but someone had put it there

Anyway.  It was so conspicuous that as I passed the thing I could

Not stop my gaze from pivoting to it and then, not even looking at the road,

My eyes grew wide! there it was, scraped into the foreground pushing back landscape

And blocking skyline with its mouth full of cud but 









Zachary Huneycutt (@emergentauthor7) received his A.A. degree in English from Santa Fe College and plans on returning to the University of Florida to work on his B.A. in the fall.  He relentlessly pursues publication in literary journals and recently participated in Poets Respond Live on Rattlecast 95, where he gave a reading of his sonnet “The American Idol 2021”.  Zachary writes poetry, short stories, plays, skits, etc., has been working on a book trilogy, and has been writing since he was six


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